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The concept of this site is pretty simple - to help the users of Web Studio easily find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions; tips, tricks and just about anything else that might be of use when designing your site.

In many cases, there are direct links to threads in the Web Studio Forums. Since there are often differing views on many subjects, it seems to make the most sense to let the viewers decide for themselves as to the advice to follow. When possible, there will also be pages with examples on how to do things. Most of these will be submitted by Forum Members, and will include easy-to-follow instructions. Web Studio Users are encouraged to submit suggestions!

The Web Studio Help Site - What it Is

Site Navigation - How to Get Around

Near the top of each page is the Main Menu that contains the primary categories for the site. Selecting one of the links will take you to a page for that category. The Samples link will display drop-down items relating to pages currently available on the site.

Use the drop-down menu within the categories to browse the various items (most of the links will open in new windows). Use the Main Menu to select a different Primary Category.

As you navigate around the various links, you'll see that the menu item selected changes color. There are also arrows that (usually) indicate there are more items under that sub-category. If an item with an arrow doesn't display further links, it's because they haven't yet been added.

When opening a link that leads to a full page on the site, you'll notice that the link/s leading to that page are all highlighted in black - this is to allow you to see the path to the page selected.

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Web Studio Forum Links - How to Distinguish Them ...

As you use the drop-down menus, you'll see that some have small icons. If you see a link that looks like the following, it is a direct link to a Web Studio Forum thread:

As a way to help guide you, the following icons have also been added to links as appropriate. More will be added as needed and as time permits.

Web Studio Forum Thread Back to the Beach Site Site Page 3-B International
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JAlbum LaughingBird Software Loren's Tutorials Lycos
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Windows WinZip Xara Software Yahoo!

Disclaimer About Links in the Menu

Please note: Links included in the menus are not necessarily endorsed by,, Back to the Beach, Web Studio, or the Web Studio Forums. They have been added as resource you might find helpful while building your site.

Should you have a problem with any of the links, please bring it to our attention. While we can't stop the way other sites are run, we can remove their links from this site and hopefully avoid any problems they may cause for others.

You should also note that there are many, many links used in the menu system. While we try to place them in the most obvious location based on category, some may not be where you would think they should be. There may be a reason for the placement ... then again, we may just have simply put them in the wrong location. If you think we've made a mistake, please use the Questions / Comments / Suggestions link near the top of the page to let us know.

Samples and Examples Page

When possible, pages with Examples / Samples of how to do various items will be added. While there are countless sites with examples and code listed, a lot of them specify that they don't want their code displayed on other sites. In an attempt to follow their wishes, we may post examples of the final product with links going back to their sites. Please use their support methods as a first step if you have questions.

As a way to easily check the Samples and Examples pages, I've added direct links from the Main Menu section - look for the Samples link next to the Home button.

Google Custom Search

Searching the Web Studio Help site

As more content is added to the site, and we're able to build more pages that display a table-type version of possible solutions for various categories, it becomes more difficult to try to find answers to direct questions. The most recent count puts the number of links in the site menu at around the 1000 level. For this reason, we've added a new Google-based site specific search - you'll see the search box at the upper right of various pages throughout the site.

Using the search will result in a Google Search Results page opening. This page will show results only from the Web Studio Help site, although you will be able to do a full Web Search from that point. Also, the page that opens will display Google ads that should be relevant to the search term you entered. Please be aware that we have no control over the ads that might display as you search.