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Testing some free menu generators .....
-  The following examples are meant strictly as a way for you to get an idea as to what some of the free generators available can do for you. If you have a suggestion for other sites that offer this type of service, please use the Questions / Comments / Suggestions? link (above).

- You should note that most of the generators / menus make links that open in the same window. While that's fine for pages within your site, you may want to have external links open in a new window automatically. If so, you'll probably need to add a small piece of code after the link. Here is the most common form of opening a new window: Menu Maker
-  I selected the Tab Menu (the only one available when I visited the site). From there I selected the regular style. Following the prompts (and making selections randomly), here are the results: ( Free Graphic Navigation Bar Generator)
-  I chose one of the styles, then followed the prompt to add links. The main issue I see has to do with the size of the buttons compared to the text size - there don't appear to be any adjustments, and you don't know of any problems until you've added the links. Here are the results: ( CSS Menu Generator)
-  I chose the third style of button, then followed the prompts. I picked colors using their color picker (next to the selection boxes).
- The CSS portion of the menu goes into an HTML Object - Inside Page Header. You'll also need to add the following before that code:
    <style type="text/css">  and this after it:  </style>
- The HTML portion of the code goes into the same HTML Object (just double-click to open it and paste there).
- The only thing I noticed about this type of menu is that you need to put your cursor over the text (versus the box) to activate the link.

- Here's the example:


So, the original link would be: <a href="">CNN</a>

And the link to open in a new window would be: <a href="" target="_blank">CNN</a>

Need more ways of opening a new window?  Check these links:
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Open Select Links in New Window

Now for some of the examples .....