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Auto-Fill Address and Subject Lines
Auto-Fill Address and Subject Lines
WS Forum Thread
Auto-Fill Address, Subject and Body Lines
...using mailto with subject & body pre-filled.
How do I do this?
Auto-Fill All Lines
Using the mailto: convention in either forms or href tags is a great way to bypass the need for cgi scripts, Java, or JavaScript in your HTML documents when you want to have greater control over 1) who gets the email sent from your site, or 2) sending form information from your site. Unfortunately, there's few resources available for those who are looking for a comprehensive list of the features that go along with mailto: (and there are quite a few) as these commands are mostly undocumented or hidden - until now.
Generator to Create a Mailto URL
The form below will help you create a mailto URL that includes cc, bcc, and subject values and a formatted message body (one that can contain newline characters, tabs, and so on). Simply enter the values for the various properties and then click the Create URL button to generate a mailto URL. The mailto URL will appear in the box below the table; you can copy and paste it into any HTML document to create a link that pops up a preformatted email message.
Getting More From MailTo
Getting More From 'mailto'
Newsletter Article, July 2002
Just about every site has one or more 'mailto' links, allowing people to send email directly from a web page.
Mailto Link Generator
Use this wizard to create comprehensive mailto links. Include multiple To: addresses, multiple Cc: addressees, multiple Bcc: addressees, add subject text, include some body text and add the text to be used as a link.
Multiple E-mail Addresses
I want to put email links to other people on one of my pages and arrange it that if someone clicks on the email link to contact them, I'm sent a copy of that email.
eMail AntiSpam
Avoid Bot Crawling
This script will build your HTML mailto links using Javascript and variables, reducing the factor of a bot crawling the full email address in your source code. Includes subject line and body text as well as the email address.
Avoid Spambots
Keep spambots from harvesting your email address
Easy eMail Link Encoding
WS Forum thread about the Natata Anti-Spam Encoder.
It enables you to encode individual email addresses so that spam bots can't read them or, even easier, you can now show the program where all the HTML files are stored on your HD and it will scan them, find the email addresses and encode them all in one hit.
eMail Riddler
Email Riddler is an online tool that encrypts and transform your email address into a series of numbers when displaying it, making it virtually impossible for spam harvesters to crawl and add your email to their list.
eMail Scramble
Use JavaScript to scramble your email from spiders and spammers.
Mary's eMail Obfuscator
The purpose of this script is to protect your email address from being caught by spammers. Spammers use robots to crawl the web and pick up email addresses from all web sites that the robots encounter. This means that if you have a mailto: link on your web site , you're a potential spam victim: The spammer robots might pick up your email address and add it to the ever-growing list of spam recipients.
Natata Anti-Spam Encoder
NATATA Anti-Spam Encoder is a useful program for webmasters that searches for email addresses in your web pages and encodes them into a format that cannot be read by robots that spider web sites to extract email addresses. Your visitor will not see the difference, your encoded email link will look and function exactly as a normal link. The program allows you to create single links manually and can also batch process multiple pages and automatically convert any email link it finds. It uses a non-Java method to encode the link, so it is 100% compatible with any browser.
eMail Software
Aid4Mail by Fookes
Aid4Mail is a user-friendly Windows tool that helps you migrate your email messages to a different mail client, export them for viewing through Internet Explorer, MS Excel, or a database, convert them to extract or re-insert attachments, and archive them to save space or for compliance with legal requirements.
Mailbag Assistant by Fookes
If you're buried alive in e-mail, let Mailbag Assistant come to the rescue with tools to search, organize, analyze and archive your mountain of messages ­- tools that are probably inadequate or unavailable in your mail program.
Mozilla Thunderbird
Thunderbird delivers. Enjoy safe, fast, and easy email, with intelligent spam filters, quick message search, and customizable views. Brought to you by Mozilla, Thunderbird makes email better.
Mozilla Thunderbird Add-ons
Add-ons extend Thunderbird, letting you personalize your browsing experience. Take a look around and make Thunderbird your own.
PalMail is a small, fast and secure automatic e-mail checker. Its main purpose is notifying you when new mail arrives and allowing you to get rid of spam before you download your e-mails into your e-mail software.
PalMail runs under any 32-bit Windows. It does not require installation and does not need any special dlls, drivers or system files which can mess up your system.
WordPerfect Mail
WordPerfect® MAIL is perfect for the office or home - wherever you depend on email to communicate, stay informed, and manage your time effectively, It is designed to help you enjoy the benefits that email offers, while reducing the challenges that stand in the way of effective communication.
HTML eMail - Creating in Web Studio
HTML email collapse
Everything fine until viewing test in Hotmail. All the components of my email are visible (text, graphics etc) however they had "fallen over" for want of a better expression. The text and graphics had rearranged on the page. Any ideas how I can prevent my emails from appearing as a jumbled mess to the recipients?
HTML emails
I've been having trouble making html emails. I follow directions in manual, but they come out with no graphic and boxes with x's where the type should be.
HTML-Email problem - missing spacer.gif
I use a special email program to send out newsletters to customers. Now this program comes in a new version and it will not send my HTML emails anymore. It complains about not finding "spacer.gif"
HTML Emails losing format
I am using ws4.0 to create html emails for clients. Everything is aok on the create and upload side of things. The problem is sending the html through Mail List King, the email marketing management software.
html email and Outlook
I am using ws4.0 to create html emails for clients. Everything is aok on the create and upload side of things. The problem is sending the html through Mail List King, the email marketing management software.
Creating an emailer for MS Outlook
I've been following the directions for creating a HTML email but it doesn't seem to work with MS Outlook. Anyone have any experience with this?
HTML page for Email - WS 1, 2 and 3
In other versions of WS there are several ways to do it but the best way is to upload all the images and link to them from the email so that they are not actually sent with the message at all but will be downloaded directly from your site to the viewer's computer. Here are a couple of ways that you can do that...
eMail Stationery
Animation Factory
Make fun, eye-catching emails. No more black text on white background!
These email stationeries are designed to work in Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and IncrediMail on PC’s. The templates include backgrounds, text formatting, images or animations.
SMTP Server Settings
SMTP Server Settings Site
The SMTP server is a configuration setting within all pop E-mail applications. When using a pop E-mail application such as Eudora, Microsoft Outlook, Entourage, Mail, Netscape, Thunderbird etc. The SMTP server setting must be configured correctly or outgoing mail will not be sent.

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