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Drop-Down Menu Problems
Menu Skewed in Firefox
I just uploaded my first page since downloading Service Pack 3 and checking the centering option. Now, my drop down menus don't drop down in the correct place--only in Firefox. It works fine in IE.
Milonic Menu in Centered WS Site
Embedding a Menu inside a Table Cell
Embedding the DHTML Menu inside a table cell will allow the menu to move with page content flow and also enables the menu to be positioned in precisely the right location on your web page regardless of web browser dimensions and page content.
Centering Issues in Web Studio
Bottom Scroll Bar
I am designing for 800 X 600 and centering all pages, but I can't get rid of the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom of the page!
No Side Scroll Bars in Netscape, Opera with WS 4, SP3
Can someone tell me why there are no side scroll bars on my pages with Netscape?
File Corruption
Document File Being Corrupted
...There is a Problem With Graphics from Microsoft Paint?
Documentation Problems
I Can't Read the Documentation
To read the documentation, Go to the Start menu, go to the Programs section, Find "BackToTheBeach", then choose WebStudio Documentation from there...
Problems Opening Project
Canít Open My Website
Other projects open just not this one...
Cannot Open OWS File
I am having a problem with an .ows file. I can only seem to save it a certain number of times, and then Web Studio crashes upon opening the file.
Project File Won't Open
....I went to open my websites i had created using the 4.0 trial version and all 4 different .OWS files wont open now...
Problems Opening WS Application
Opening WS on a Network
I'm currently having a problem running web studio 4.0 in a school environment for my students. I've searched around on the forums and havn't found anyone with a simliar problem so i've decided to post and see what the xperts have to say.
Program Crashes
Adding Button Causes Crash
While working with WS 4.0 I placed a button half on and half off the dotted line margin. A popup question asked if I wanted to resize the button to make it stay on the page. I clicked on no...
Hello, I'm wondering why WS 4.0 crashes so often, it's always saying that it has to close and I lose all the pages I've worked on.
Dragging Folder into Project Causes Crash
Is it possible to drag a folder on to a web page and making the folder a link, when you click on it the contents of the folder will be shown. I'm trying to drag a folder on to a web page and Web Studio crashes everytime.
Invalid page fault in module WEBSTUDIO.EXE
After opening WS3, I try to open my last website and keep getting an error message (other sites open fine) and the program closes. (Several pages have loaded partially behind the message.)
WS 1, 2 & 3 Forum
Non-English version of Windows & Web Studio 3.0
If you have a Non-English version of Windows, you'll need this Web Studio 3.01 International Patch.
Web Studio Just Closed On Me
please help i was in the middle of doing something and web studio just closed down and every time i try to access my saved web site it trys to open then just closes it again what can i do??
Program Registration Problems
I Can't Register My WS Program
The most common reasons for this are...
Lost My Activation Code
Some suggestions ...
Re-Registering After a Few Years
After being registered for many years, now, when I try to open my Back to The Beach program, it asks for my registration number and email...I have no idea why it is doing this...any ideas?
Reinstalling Web Studio
Can't load 3.0 in XP
I recently did a clean install of XP and I can not re-install Web Studio 3.0. Everything else installed fine. I easily installed my old version of 2.0; but, to upgrade to 4.0, I notice that I have to have the 3.0 version on my hard drive (?)
Reinstalling Web Studio
I am in the process of looking at a new computer and would like to install WebStudio on it.
Since I have only done upgrades since version 2(for which I don't have the disk) How can I install Webstudio on my new Computer if I buy one?
Upgrading Web Studio
Confusion of Upgrading to 4.0 from 3.0
What we do for 3.0 customers upgrading to 4.0 who have lost their 3.0 is to have them....
Problem Installing the Upgrade from 3.01 to 4.0?
If you have been having problems trying to install the Web Studio 4.0 Upgrade from 3.01 and it asks you to Re-Register your 3.01, there is a fix available for you.
Miscellaneous Problems
AOL Shows Outdated Pages
Is anyone else having a problem with aol showing outdated pages? My website shows up correctly in IE but when I search for it using aol I'm getting my old pages.
Uploading Problems
2065-0-0-0 Error
I tried to upload the site I get an error message in the publisher 2065-0-0-0 - don't know what that means.
Can't Upload Single Pages
I had the problem of not being able to upload single pages, the solution was to...
I was wondering if someone can help me I have recently saved my website to the internet using webstudio 4.0 and now when I try to re-save it it says "ERROR: A SHARING VIOLATION HAS OCCURED"
Error Creating Destination Directory...
I have been saving my site to the trial site just fine. After trying to add a form to one page, and then deleting it, I tried to upload to the trial site again and got the message:
"Error creating your website. Error creating destination directory on local drive."
File Name Problems with Yahoo Hosting
We just learned that Yahoo's hosting has a problem with various characters in file names. If you upload to Yahoo, and you have any of these illegal characters in any file name, you'll get an error message and the uploading will stop.
iHost Studio and Renaming Site
Anyone out there who has iHostStudio:
If you have a problem after re-naming your site and then are not able to save it again to the internet or your hard drive again, check this out. iHostStudio's help page advises:
Images Created / Modified with Microsoft Paint
...There is a Problem With Graphics from Microsoft Paint?
Non-English Versions of Windows
The problem you may be having is caused by the fact that you don't have an English language Windows system. When you try to do anything that uses text, like templates, text gallery, it attempts to find English language fonts and doesn't find any and it crashes.
Only Upload Choice is iHost
...only choice is iHost?
Server Requires default.html instead of index.html
My friend is using WS2 and WSftp to upload. Her host is sisna. They told her she would have to name her homepage( the one with the little house on it) default. If she changes it to anything but default her page doesn't load correctly. I don't use WSftp so I don't know what to tell her about or how to change her title for better use by spiders.
Using AOL
...It could be a firewall, since you're not able to upload via WS or via IE. ...
Windows XP Pro SP2 Firewall
Several weeks ago I installed a win update (XP Pro SP 2) and ever since have been experiencing problems uploading files via Web Studio ftp
Windows XP and Limited Accounts
When I loaded WS 4 from my account as Admin, she could not access it from her limited account and gets an error message.
Javascript Problems
Two JavaScripts on One Page
This is a great tutorial for solving the 2 javascripts on a single page conflict...
Site Map Problems
Site Map Not Working
I have done all of the steps right and still get the error message from google.
Text Problems
Disappearing Text Box (when clicked to edit)
When I double-click on *any* of the text boxes on this page to edit text, the text disappears, and only the frame handles are shown. When I click outside the box, the text returns. I cannot edit any text in the box when it disappears?
Netscape Text
In trying out this program I did a site and it looks fine on my computer with IE but on Netscape browsers the text overlaps the lower boxes and looks terrible.
Microsoft Word Text Problems
Text and Background Problem
I am trying out webstudio and like the simplicity of it. But am starting to encounter weird glitches like the text and background won't change like I tell it to. In other words my preview comes out different. I am trying to put white text on black background. It should be a small thing.
Text Problem
I am a beginner and using the trial version. On some pages I add one or more text objects and either enter text or paste text from a Word file. Sometimes when I preview the page one of the test objects is missing. Sometimes the text is there but the text background color is missing. When I return to the program the missing text and background colors are ther just as I created them. I try another preview with the same missing result?
Problem with WS-FTP
Remote Side is Blank
My remote side is a blank. Anyone understand why? I've not changed anything
WS-FTP Hangs on Upload
Why I can only load 1 - 3 pages max at a time before I have to reboot the program?

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