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Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop Site
The Official Adobe Photoshop Site
Photoshop Filters and Plugins
As you browse the site, you will discover over 200 pages packed with over 300 freeware and commercial reviews, each rated for usefulness and functionality. Over 90 companies and authors are featured. You are able to search though and find links to many informative and useful sites. In addition, there are plenty of free Photoshop plugins, filters, styles, shapes, gradients, brushes, textures and patterns to download.
This site is all about Photoshop compatible filters for the PC. As you browse the site, you will discover over 300 pages packed with thousands freeware and commercial Photoshop filters available from the best authors on the Internet. Each page displays a "Master Image" and also the result of each Photoshop filter on the image.
Plugins for Adobe Photoshop.
Some images become more expressive and meaningful with the right visual finish. Stilleffects® is an archive packed with stunning photo effects & filters, photo edges, borders, darkroom effects and much more. Ready to use, and fully customizable & editable within any version of Adobe® Photoshop®. is an online archive for graphic designers/ photographers. The Effects are premade as Photoshop Layer templates and they can be added to your own image(s) within any Photoshop version that you have (starting from Photoshop 6.0) Fields of use can be: photo, art & poster-printing or webdesign etc.. All Visual Effects can be downloaded right away for immediate use or you can order the "Premium DVD" that contains the whole Archive.
The Plugin
The Plugin Site is located in Nuremberg, Germany, and develops graphics, video and web software. We created the applications like Plugin Commander and HTML Shrinker, plugins like Plugin Galaxy, HyperTyle, ColorWasher, FocalBlade and LightMachine as well as image collections like Edge & Frame Galaxy and Photo Galaxy. We also released several freeware products like Harry's Filters and PhotoFreebies. We co-produced Alpha Magic with Pinnacle Systems and currently co-develop FilterMeister with AFH Systems.
Photoshop Resources
Photoshop Training & Free Resources
Photoshop Templates
Tips and Tricks about using Photoshop
Pixel Digest - For people interested in photography and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop.
Photoshop Tools
Photoshop Training & Free Resources
Photoshop Tutorials
Basic Rounded Corners Example Page
A Great Variety of Tools!
Tutorial Guidance for Building and Maintaining a Website and More
If you need to learn how to use your graphics software, then you've come to the right place!
Web Design & Photoshop Tutorials for 2005
Photoshop 101 is a comprehensive resource comprised of free Adobe Photoshop tutorials, tips, and other information to help users achieve their potential. The tutorials are updated weekly from a number of different sources, and so we save you the time of looking for them yourself.
Photoshop tutorials, award winning original photoshop Tips tricks and photoshop tutorials for adobe photoshop CS2 incredible photorealistic illustrations updated every week This is one of the top photoshop sites on the web.
Tips and Tricks about using Photoshop
Site features free Photoshop tutorials and links to free Photoshop brushes, plugins and resources. Also offers a blog with the latest Photoshop news.
Photoshop - Web Layout, graphic design and tutorials.
Pimp My
PimpMyCom is a place for webmasters - beginners or advanced - to come and learn more about the programs they use in their everyday web building. We mostly offer Adobe Photoshop Tutorials and are always adding more with a side of HTML and PHP tutorials for you to learn from.
Latest Resources submitted by the community of Pixel-Designz.
Pixel Digest - For people interested in photography and photo editing using Adobe Photoshop.
Online Photoshop News, Tips and Tutorials.
Adobe Photoshop Tutorials.
Large Database Of Over 3000 Free Photoshop Tutorials, Free Macromedia Flash Tutorials, and Free Discreet 3DSMax Tutorials With Ten Added Every Day.
Tutorial Haven 3.0 is launched! We have decided to start the new year right with a new design and new tutorials. Also, we are giving our dedicated forum users some extra tutorials. We are going to be launching a members only tutorial section with better tutorials. So make sure you are registered on the forums :)
Free tutorials/resources for graphics programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Corel Bryce, 3d Studio Max & Maxon Cinema 4d.
Welcome to the photoshop tutorials section of Here we have our largest selection of tutorials out of all of the programs we cover. Ranging from many different kinds of effects, this list of helpful step by step tutorials is sure to help you on your way to becoming the graphics designer you always thought you could be.

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