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Design Aspects

DynamicDrive Drop-Down Document Viewer II 

This script:
-  Uses text links to allow your visitors to select/ view external documents from your site.
-  You can specify whether the selected page is loaded in an inline frame or new window. The example shown below is in an inline frame. | | ABC News | BBC UK News

*Available at*

How to Prepare:
-  Insert an HTML Object on your page.
-  Paste this code into it:

<a href="javascript:jumpto('')"></a> |
<a href="javascript:jumpto('')">MSNBC</a> |
<a href="javascript:jumpto('')">ABC News</a> |
<a href="javascript:jumpto('')">BBC UK News</a>

<script language="javascript">

//Drop-down Document Viewer II- Dynamic Drive (
//For full source code, 100's more DHTML scripts, and TOS,

//Specify display mode (0 or 1)
//0 causes document to be displayed in an inline frame, while 1 in a new browser window
var displaymode=0
//if displaymode=0, configure inline frame attributes (ie: dimensions, intial document shown
var iframecode='<iframe id="external" style="width:95%;height:400px" src=""></iframe>'

/////NO NEED TO EDIT BELOW HERE////////////

if (displaymode==0)

function jumpto(inputurl){
if (document.getElementById&&displaymode==0)
else if (document.all&&displaymode==0)
if (!window.win2||win2.closed)
//else if win2 already exists


Changes You Can Make:
-  The links displayed - use the same format as listed in the code for displaying links. You can add more as needed.
-  The height of the window - the example below is set at 400 pixels.
-  The width of the HTML Object - the example below uses an HTML Object at 850 pixels wide to help reduce the horizontal scrollbar on most sites.
NOTE: Using this method (the HTML Object), some sites display a scrollbar even when the width is set well beyond what should be needed (1000+ pixels). This seems to happen primarily in IE, but not in Firefox, Mozilla, etc.